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Are you experiencing a reduced quality of hair? If your answer is yes, there is hope to regain your confidence once more. Our team here at has selected the most effective solutions to address your hair loss needs. Browse our products, read our articles and begin your journey toward the appearance you desire.

Give your scalp what it needs to improve and maintain its health.

The causes of your hair thinning or hair loss can be identified by drawing up a complete scalp assessment, including an analysis of your scalp using a sophisticated microcamera and a unique software. A certified trichology technician will then be able to elaborate a treatment plan to meet your needs. Your plan could include in salon treatments, home care products and laser therapy. Act now and book an appointment for a private consultation with a trichology technician at a Certified Head First Hair Renewal Center.

Harmonizing efficiency and ecological awareness.

We are proud to say that Capilia products are green. Using biocompatible processes and biodegradable products. Following comments and suggestions of people from the beauty industry, biochemists came up with the Capilia Line. From the Natural Hair Care line to the Advanced Scalp Care Line, Capilia products are extremely rich in natural active ingredients and designed for all hair and skin types. They offer proven therapeutic benefits that help with a wide range of scalp ailments, thinning hair and hair loss.
hair loss products and scalp therapy head first

Many people have scalp problems they don’t even know about.

That’s why we do a thorough examination and analysis that leads us to the answer for you.

  • Female hair loss
  • Localized hair loss
  • Chemotherapy and cranial radiation therapy
  • Cradle cap
  • Dry, brittle or dull hair
  • Scaly plaques on the scalp
  • Dry or oily dandruff
  • Skin inflammation
  • Itching
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Oily or dry scalp
  • Seasonal shedding (Spring & Fall)

Head First is all about preserving health for your hair and scalp and our planet.