Corrective Hair Solutions is unlike anything else ever offered to men with hair loss.

Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) is unique. Different hair loss conditions require different solutions. CHS represents not just one individualized solution but many, used together or alone, that will solve your unique hair loss problem and restore your natural appearance.

When you entrust a CHS provider to solve your hair loss problem, rest assured that the provider will take into consideration your current state of hair loss, as well, as your hair loss’ progression, pattern of loss, and of course, your expectations. These are the factors that will help your hair loss professional recommend a program that will work for you.


A Corrective Hair Solutions provider offers multiple solutions to correct your individual hair loss problem.

What makes CHS different? Simple. CHS is different because each and every CHS solution is tailored to your individual needs. For example, you’re a m an with a receding hairline. Or you’re a man with thinning in the crown area. How is it possible the same solution could work for both conditions? It can’t. A man experiencing hair loss in the temple areas doesn’t need a solution that covers or obstructs his existing hair.

Yet almost every hair restoration method to date has focused on a singular methodology that tried to be all things to all people. CHS is based on a series of individualized solutions to your unique hair loss condition.

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Corrective Hair Solutions was developed to offer individualized solutions to the unique hair loss conditions different men experience. Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) has nothing to do with stress, chemicals or the food you eat. It also has nothing to do with over-exposure to the sun or over-shampooing or other abuses to your hair. Real MPB – responsible for over 90% of all male hair loss cases – is due to a genetically inherited inability for the scalp to properly break down DHT, a byproduct of the hormone testosterone.

Your genetic makeup is as individual as your fingerprint. How much hair you’ll lose, where you’ll lose it, the pattern in which you’ll lose it and the rate at which you’ll lose it are conditions that are unique to you. You need a hair restoration solution that can solve your unique hair loss condition. That’s why CHS was developed.

See what men are saying about Corrective Hair Solutions:

Ten years of searching and I finally found my answer to my hair loss. I spent all this time looking for THE solution and it turned out that one solution wasn’t enough to correct my hair loss…multiple solutions was what I needed and that’s what I received from CHS. — Robert Ewert

I never liked the way I looked when I was losing my hair. Some guys think being bald works for them, but, I don’t know, it just wasn’t for me. But then, neither were the alternatives, until I found Corrective Hair Solutions.
— Kevin Cota

Thanks to CHS, I don’t only look younger. I feel younger. When I look in the mirror each day, I no longer see an imposter staring back at me. Now I see me, the way I’m supposed to be. Naturally, this has changed my life.
— Daniel Jensen

You can’t buy confidence or self-esteem, everyone knows that. But what I got from CHS was my looks back. I’m no movie star, I know that, but I certainly look and feel a lot better now than I did before. — Paul Hoffer

For the first time my expectations have been exceeded. I’ve heard all the hype before about this or that amazing technique, but with CHS, I really can maintain my active lifestyle that includes swimming, working out, running and playing with my kids. Most importantly, I can do all those things with total confidence. — Ryan Ballard

CHS has given me my hair back the way it was before I lost my hair. Only now do I understand how much more I lost besides just my hair. You lose everything so gradually; a little hair here, a little self-confidence there. You don’t realize its happening. You only know you don’t feel as good as you should. Having had my hair restored at this level, I know what I lost because Corrective Hair Solutions returned it all back to me. Thanks CHS! — Don Christensen