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Eating Winter Vegetables Keeps Us Healthy, Warm and Hairy

THESE COLD SEASON VEGETABLES AREN’T JUST HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS … THEY ARE DELICIOUS IN A SOUP. When you were 10-years-old, you probably didn’t care about vegetable recipes. You also probably didn’t worry about killer flu seasons, winter energy bills or hair loss. But you’re all grown up now and it’s a different world. You winterize […]

When it Comes to Hair Loss and Hair Styling, Less is More

FOR WOMEN SUFFERING FROM HAIR LOSS CONDITIONS OR THINNING HAIR, SHORT- TO MEDIUM-LENGTH HAIRSTYLES ARE THE ORDER OF THE DAY. Hair loss can happen at any age to both men and women. A variety of factors can trigger hair loss or hair thinning, including poor nutrition, high stress, hormonal imbalance, health issues and improper hair […]

Infected Hair Follicles Are a Reversible Hair Loss Condition

DID YOU KNOW? MOST HAIR LOSS CAUSED BY FOLLICLE INFECTION IS REVERSIBLE — BUT ONLY IF YOU ACT QUICKLY TO TREAT THE INFECTION BEFORE HAIR FOLLICLES DIE. A hair follicle infection is something you would never think about, that is, until it happens to you. When you see the telltale red pimples or pustules at […]

There are Hair Loss Treatments for Every Hair Loss Condition

WHEN CHOOSING A HAIR LOSS TREATMENT, COST ISN’T THE ONLY FACTOR TO CONSIDER. FOLLOW THESE TIPS TO DETERMINE THE RIGHT HAIR LOSS TREATMENT FOR YOU. Whether you just noticed your hair loss or have been dealing with it for years, you have a variety of different hair loss treatments to choose from. When selecting a […]

Hair Loss and “the Arts”

WITH OR WITHOUT HAIR LOSS, LEARNING ABOUT “THE ARTS” INSPIRES US TO APPRECIATE AND CREATE ART OF OUR OWN. There’s a reason why critics speak about the “seven lively arts” – because an art experience can make a person feel more alive.  Truly inspired art can cause one to look within and begin a process […]