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A Look At Hair Loss in the Great Game of Basketball

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN … WHAT COULD HAPPEN … IF WE PUT TOGETHER AN ALL-STAR TEAM HOOPSTERS WHO SUFFER FROM HAIR LOSS? Here’s a team to get any basketball fan’s pulse racing: Gary Payton as Point Guard. Michael Jordan as Shooting Guard. Glen Rice as Small Forward. Kevin Garnett as Power Forward. Shaquille O’Neal as Center. […]

Learn About Alopecia Areata Before Finding Your Solution

UNDERSTAND WHY THIS HAIR LOSS DISEASE AFFECTS HAIR FOLLICLES AND HOW TO COPE WITH ITS UNPREDICTABLE HAIR LOSS SYMPTOMS. Q. What is alopecia? A. Alopecia is simply the correct medical term for any type of hair loss. Q. What is alopecia areata? A. Alopecia areata is the most common form of an autoimmune skin disease […]

HairLossDotCom Can Help You with Your Hair Loss Condition

HERE ARE 10 DIFFERENT WAYS HAIRLOSS.COM CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR HAIR LOSS WITHOUT SELLING YOU A SINGLE THING! Imagine you’re Sally, a 42-year-old single mom with three teenage children living in Tucson. It’s hard enough raising three teenagers, holding down a job and supporting a household on your own; then there’s school, sports, activities, […]

Learn Which Medications Have Hair Loss Side Effects

IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING SUDDEN HAIR LOSS, THINNING OR SHEDDING, CONSIDER WHETHER ANY MEDICATION YOU ARE TAKING COULD BE CAUSING THIS. “Hair loss can be caused by so many different reasons, but one common cause is that it could be a side effect of a medication you have just begun or have been taking regularly,” […]