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Learn How and Why You Should to Buy Beans in Bulk

BEANS, LEGUMES BY ANOTHER NAME, ARE THE OLD FOOD THAT IS NEW AGAIN. GOOD FOR OVERALL HEALTH, THEY ARE GOOD FOR THE EARTH AS WELL — AND CAN BE REMARKABLY AFFORDABLE. There’s a triple-win to consuming beans and their cousin legumes, peas and lentils, as well as foods that are often in the same culinary category, […]

Gemtress Hair Enhancement Products Voted Best Wigs of 2011

GEMTRESS OFFERS THE WIDEST VARIETY OF TOP-QUALITY, NATURAL-LOOKING WIGS FOR VIRTUALLY ANY HAIR LOSS CONDITION. If you are looking for the best wigs available, check out the collections of hair enhancement products from Gemtress. Gemtress wigs are our choice for the best wigs of 2011. Gemtress line of wigs A wig is the perfect solution […]

Hair Transplant Research: Multiply Hair and Improve Scarring

THE NEWEST HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY RESEARCH ATTEMPTS TO MULTIPLY HAIR TO INCREASE A PERSON’S DONOR HAIR SUPPLY AND IMPROVE SCAR OUTCOMES WITH THE USE OF AN EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX DERIVED FROM PIG BLADDERS. “The work we are doing today is the logical next step in improving the outcomes of hair transplant surgery procedures. These double-blind, controlled […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Systems for Men

  HAIR SYSTEMS FOR MEN HAVE EVOLVED FAR BEYOND THE TOUPEE. LEARN HOW TODAY’S HAIR SYSTEMS CAN GIVE YOUR HAIR BACK TO YOU AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Q. Why should I get a non-surgical hair system instead of a hair transplant? Men lose their hair in a predictable way, a pattern called male pattern baldness […]