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Prevent Hair Loss by Becoming Your Own Hair Loss Expert

ACCORDING TO A POPULAR THEORY, HUMANS HAVE EVOLVED BEYOND NEEDING ANY HAIR. BUT WHEN HAIR LOSS BEGINS, IT SEEMS WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT. Hair seems to define us, doesn’t it? But it also defines us as being a mammal, scientifically speaking, and anthropologically and archaeologically, evidence suggests that we have had hair (or fur) […]

Learn Whether You Can Afford Your Hair Loss Treatment

WHEN LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION TO YOUR HAIR LOSS, YOU WILL NEED TO CONSIDER A VARIETY OF FACTORS, INCLUDING HOW MUCH MONEY YOU ARE WILLING TO SPEND. Although cost isn’t the only factor when choosing a hair loss treatment, you must keep your budget in mind. While some hair loss solutions are very affordable, others […]

Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Can Happen to Female Teens

WHILE TEENAGERS MAY THINK THEY ARE INVINCIBLE, THEY CAN FALL PREY TO HAIR LOSS FOR MEDICAL REASONS AND LIFESTYLE REASONS. Most teenagers live as though nothing affects them, but there are many reasons that can contribute to a teenage girl noticing hair fall-out and thinning, says Dr. Sara Wasserbauer, a Walnut Creek, California-based hair transplant […]

n These Tough Times, Learn To Eat Healthier For Less

TO MAKE IT THOUGH LEAN TIMES, HOW WE MANAGE OUR FOOD BUDGET BECOMES IMPORTANT; THAT’S NOT NECESSARILY A BAD THING. Welcome to the big fat recession. If you’ve lost your job or seen income slip, you’re dealing with very difficult economic conditions. If you’re still employed, lucky you – just don’t relax. Changes can come […]

The Bald Head Look Has Finally Found a Place In Fashion

SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MODELS IN THE WORLD, SOME SUFFERING FROM HAIR LOSS, HAVE POPULARIZED “BALD HEAD” LOOKS IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY. It seemed like “America’s Next Top Model,” the popular reality program, was about to make hair loss history on March 8, 2006. Commercials for the episode hyped the big news: This would […]

Experts Say We’re Not Spending Enough Time in the Sun

AFTER SCARING US AWAY FROM THE SUN FOR A GENERATION, THERE ARE NEW INSIGHTS ABOUT HOW MUCH SUNLIGHT IS HEALTHY. Some forms of hair loss can be tied to nutrient deficiencies, including having an inadequate amount of vitamin D. But more medically serious conditions – heart disease, cancers, autoimmune diseases and osteoporosis – also are […]

Understand the Facts and Myths of Hair Loss and Soy

LIKE PROPECIA, SOY ACTUALLY SUPPRESSES DHT, A FACTOR OF GENETIC HAIR LOSS IN MEN. Can soy stop a man from losing his hair? Prevent prostate problems? Or raise his levels estrogen, the “feminizing hormone? And how might soy protein affect someone interested in building muscle? The answers to these questions are varied and conflicting – […]

Eating Winter Vegetables Keeps Us Healthy, Warm and Hairy

THESE COLD SEASON VEGETABLES AREN’T JUST HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS … THEY ARE DELICIOUS IN A SOUP. When you were 10-years-old, you probably didn’t care about vegetable recipes. You also probably didn’t worry about killer flu seasons, winter energy bills or hair loss. But you’re all grown up now and it’s a different world. You winterize […]