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Learn To Combat Hypertension Without Using Drugs

CHOOSING TO BEAT HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE WITH DIET AND EXERCISE IS A BETTER AND LONGER-LASTING FIX. Close to a third of the adult U.S. population has high blood pressure (also referred to as hypertension, or HBP). All people with HBP are at risk for stroke, heart failure, myocardial infarction (heart attack), arterial aneurysm and chronic […]

Health, Media and Hair Loss

MOVIES, TELEVISION AND BOOKS HAVE MADE IT SIMPLER TO LEARN ABOUT GOOD HEALTH. Modern civilization does not make fitness, nutrition or wellbeing easy. There are structural barriers – convenience foods that provide poor nourishment, work-life configurations that render us physically inactive – which tend to diminish our health and vitality. Hair loss may be due […]

Enjoy a Healthier, Tastier and More Natural Mexican Cuisine

LOOKING BACK, “TRADITIONAL” MEXICAN FOOD WAS HEALTHIER AND MORE DELICIOUS THAN WHAT IS BEING SERVED TODAY. The higher rates of obesity and diabetes among Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans and the broader Hispanic-American populations are a slow-moving tragedy. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Mexican-Americans are 1.9 times more likely to get diabetes […]

Do Minerals In Hard Water Cause Hair Loss?

LET’S GET TO THE ROOT OF THE DEBATE ON WHETHER HARD WATER CAUSES HAIR LOSS. TWO HAIR LOSS EXPERTS WEIGH IN WITH AN EMPHATIC “NO!” “Women know what their hair feels like, or should feel like, and are the biggest perpetuators of the complaints that hard water is causing their hair thinning problems,” says nurse-practitioner […]

Wigs: A Safe and Total Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Method

WIGS ARE SO SOPHISTICATED NOW THAT YOU CAN WEAR YOUR HAIR UP IN A PONYTAIL AND AWAY FROM YOUR FACE. BANGS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED TO WEAR WIGS. Choosing a wig can be very overwhelming, especially if you’re not feeling well. But you’ll want to see the options available to cover up your hair loss […]